For centuries, Indian artisans have been working with copper; smelting, moulding and rolling it, beating, polishing and tempering it into handcrafted, heirloom metalware. Along the way, the metal lost its allure as urban-dwelling, nuclear families sought easy-to-maintain homeware in contemporary designs. Then around 2016, copper made a comeback on the international design scene. It glinted across kitchen fixtures, bathroom faucets and furniture fittings and eventually, became the star material for a host of trendy lifestyle offerings.

With the current movement towards slow, sustainable living, it looks like the metal and its derivatives are here to stay. “Copper, as a material, lasts forever; it’s an investment for a lifetime. 80 percent of the copper available on the planet right now has been recycled,” says Seemantini Mihir who heads Social Media Marketing and E-Commerce at Pune-based lifestyle brand Studio Coppre. Its natural, rose-gold tint is beautiful to boot! This makes copper, as a material and colour, a hot favourite around the festive season.

We’ve picked 20 copper, bronze and copper-toned homeware pieces to up the luxe quotient of your Diwali decor settings.

Get Decked Out

Ditch the throwaway, plastic decor for these eco-chic options that will last longer and age well.

1. With its geometric, cutwork patterns, the Lotus Meditation Wall Decor by Coppre will lend a Zen vibe to your home interiors. The copper and brass piece is lacquer-coated for easy maintenance. Rs. 1,800.

2. The gold-finished, brass Star and Moon Toran by Nicobar for that understated sparkle along doorways. Rs. 1,450 (set of two).

3. This hammered, antique-brass finish Dhumin Fumer Gift Set by Fabindia includes incense, camphor and resin. The illustrated packaging is a bonus! Rs. 1,990. GET IT NOW!

4. Diyas and flowers afloat in an urli is a time-tested decor element in any Diwali setting. This hammered Copper Urli by Indian Art Villa is available in multiple size options. Rs. 2,585 onwards on offer. GET IT HERE!

5. For those on a budget, this copper-toned, metal Lord Ganesh Wall Art by eCraftIndia is the way to go. Rs. 599 on offer. GET IT HERE!

Light it Right

Everything and everyone will look radiant in the natural, mystical glow of these oil lamps and votive-holders.

9. Featuring tiny bells and dainty details, the Lord Krishna Hanging Oil Lamp by Onvay is crafted in brass. Rs. 2,489 on offer. GET IT NOW!

6. Artisans in rural Gujarat employ hand-stamping techniques to craft this Brass Plate with Diya set by Peacock Life. Rs. 1,600.

7. SNEAK PEEK: Add a contemporary touch to age-old rituals with the soon-to-launch line of copper and brass Oil Lamps by Coppre.

8. The Jasmine-scented Madurai Candle by Kama Ayurveda comes with a handcrafted, brass holder. Rs. 2,500.

10. The lotus-shaped, brass Akhand Diya by CraftVatika flaunts a dual-toned, antique finish. Rs. 249 (set of two)STEAL DEAL! GET IT NOW!

Serve it Up

Eating, drinking and cooking in kansa or copperware is trendy and healthy! According to Ayurveda, the metals aid digestion, purify the blood, prevent asthma, support glowing skin and more. A range of tableware brands pair the metal with enamel, glass and other materials to dazzling effect.

11. Traditional desserts pop on the Brass Bird Platter by Peacock Life, crafted using a hand-stamping technique. Rs. 2,000 (platter only).

12. The latest range of Copper Drinkware by India Circus will keep you hydrated and healthy. Rs. 650 onwards.

13. Handspun copper and glass come together to form the Navigli and Isola Collection by Coppre, a collaboration with Italian designer Riccardo Giovanetti. Rs. 2,900 (fruit bowls), Rs. 2,800 (vases).

14. Raise a toast to friends and family with these handmade, brass Pineapple Shot Glasses from Modern Quests. Rs. 2,675 (set of two).

15. Play out your Bond fantasy with the hammered, copper Daamisha Martini Glass glass from Jaypore. Rs. 1,250 each.

The Sparkle is in the Detail

And finally, an assortment of art and accessories to complete the copper-toned festive look.

16. Inspired by dhonis (Maldivian sailboats), the Barque Centerpiece by Good Earth is handcrafted from recycled brass. Rs. 7,800 (small), Rs. 10,500 (large).

17. Brass and glass unite in these vintage-style Palm and Papaya Frames by Nicobar. Rs. 1,850 each.

18. Bidri-work, Karnataka’s traditional metal craft, finds contemporary expression inlaid onto the June Coasters by To With From. Rs. 1,800 (set of two).

19. A marriage of concrete and copper-toned metal make up the appropriately named Fuse Speckled Vase from Modern Quests. Rs. 1,850.

20. These Copper Fairy Lights are a classic and gleam with the theme! Rs. 218 on offer. STEAL DEAL! GET IT NOW!

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