Nicobar introduces a range of trinkets that are an ode to journeys and memories.

Inspired by objects found and foraged, from shells on a beach in the Maldives, to a lime slice out of gin and tonic, and the leaves that fall around their garden studio, Nicobar has introduced charms, chains, hoops and hairpins as part of its new collection, the Nico Travel Jewels. The brand lovingly casted each of these foraged pieces in brass before plating them in gold and thus committing their naturalness to permanence.

The Nico Travel Jewels have a story to tell and are something like a mix and match of one’s own travels. Easy to wear, pair and gift, each piece is designed for stacking, and to be loved forever. “Jewellery is symbolic to a celebration. There is a certain sense of self expression when you put on a piece of jewellery and set out for the day. Inherently, I am a collector. Little things that spark emotion will find their way in my home. It’s less about what it is and more about what it represents. The way you wear jewellery has a story to tell. I like to layer, to bunch them all in one and sometimes add a little quirk to my classic baali,” says Divya Kapoor, design head, Travel, Nicobar.

This jewellery line is an ode to journeys and memories—layered, bunched together or dangling from your ears. Celebrating minimalism, these delicate trinkets bathed in muted sunshine are set to make you shine on your own personal journey.

Founded by Simran Lal and Raul Rai in 2016, Nicobar embodies the contemporary aesthetic of India. Stressing minimal, simple and modern designs, it has a distinct identity of its own that effortlessly blends Indian sensibilities with functional aesthetic. From fashion, home and travel accessories, the Delhi-based brand actively engages with local artisans.

Availability across all Nicobar stores and online. Price range from Rs 850 to Rs 5,200.

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