There’s nothing quite like a beautifully orchestrated plate of food, where each element sings in complete harmony with the other.

Chef Lokesh, head chef at CAARA is also our go-to man at NicoCaara, our in-store cafe at The Chanakya. Ever since we launched NicoCaara in January 2018, the menu has journeyed through changing seasons under the watchful eye of Chef Lokesh. Instrumental in creating a seasonal, relevant menu in which his passion shines through, Chef toys with lesser-known ingredients (think a citrus-ey pepper that teases the palette long after you bite into it) and tempers flavours that are equal parts familiar and exciting.

The new menu is great for lunch or dinner; think gorgeous wild mushroom and truffle linguine, or Helme’s coriander and wild honey lamb chops. We’ve kept some old favourites and added whole new sections with local, seasonal beauties like jaggery and coconut as well as fresh greens from CAARA’s own chemical-free farms. Plus there’s an all-day menu that allows you to nibble on brekky favourites any time you like.

Also, some exciting news if you’re a Zomato or Swiggy regular and can’t make it to The Chanakya: order on the apps and have your favourites delivered right to your door.

We caught up with Chef for a peek into the new summer menu at NicoCaara with a little Masterclass on plating the perfect dish.

Direction: Bhavana Malhotra
Videography + Edit: Raoul Tandon

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