Grab a seat!

No gathering feels intimate from the very start, you have to set the mood for it. Event planner Namrata Mamak suggests you find a cosy spot in your balcony or terrace (even better if it comes with high-low seating), and then give these tips a go.

Light it well
When you’re going for something informal and intimate, make sure there’s no harsh lighting. We went with warm, diffused lights to offer our guests that nice, snug feeling. Plus, we paired our fairy lights with drapes for a proper, soft glow, and placed scented candles in hurricane lamps for an extra bit of twinkle.

Add some greens
With plants, it’s always the more the merrier. We gathered up a bunch of potted plants found in our garden studio and lined them up on the parapet. To give the setup earthy appeal, we threw some dried branches into large urns and added brass planters onto our serving tables.

Play with charms
Put those tiny trinkets in your home to good use. We brought in the wooden airplanes and shells we used in our garden brunch and, instead of hanging them from the trees, stacked them close to our candles. If you don’t have any of that lying around, there’s always flowers.

Pour some vino
And make sure you don’t run out of it. We reserved two round tables for food, and trusted our friends at CAARA to whip some magic that would keep our spirits high all evening. One for the wine, cheese platters and fruits. The other for nibbles: crackers and dips, canapés and dessert.

Keep it casual
A mix of high and low seating makes the setting all the more easy going and dynamic. We picked cushions in muted colours and paired them with bright red bolsters. If you’re planning to make it more homely, and want to encourage people to get real comfy, consider a rug with floor cushions.

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Writer: Sushant Kumar
Photographer: Dolly Devi
Stylist: Namrata Mamak


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