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When it comes to brunch (or any other meal, for that matter), it’s not just about what you serve, but how you serve it. Event planner Namrata Mamak shows us how to do it right.

Pick a good spot
Every pretty setup needs a pretty corner. We chose the lush vegetable patch in our garden studio, and laid out two tables at 90 degrees under a glorious tree—one for the buffet spread, and another where guests can be seated. Plus, we created a thoughtful lounge for guests to hang before, after (or who knows, even during!) the meal.

Bring out the right furniture
Nothing like a wooden table for a garden brunch. We used two, of varying lengths and textures and paired them with benches. One was topped with linen, while the other was left bare for the tableware to shine. For the lounge, we picked a cane sofa along with a chaarpai to create an easy, relaxed vibe.

Dress it up
Play with the things you own, and the things that you stumble upon on your travels. We hung small wooden airplanes, metallic trinkets and paper lamps from the branches of trees for a little bit of whimsy. We then plucked marigolds from our garden, fetched some shells and pine cones from our drawers, and sprinkled them all over the table.

Add colour
A bright, sunny day deserves a pop of colour. Not just on your table but also in your food. We teamed our crockery in muted tones with green and pink placemats, and picked our curries for both taste and colour. Yes, no two of the same colour, please. Also, flowers are a failsafe option to add yet more colour so use them on the table, on the plates… anywhere you like.

Always make it cosy
Throw in comfy cushions of different sizes to make that lounge truly inviting, and bonus points if they complement the surrounding foliage.

You can also try this brunch setup with low seating; here’s how Namrata did it.

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Writer: Sushant Kumar
Photographer: Dolly Devi
Stylist: Namrata Mamak


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