In case you hadn’t noticed, we love sitting down for meals. Like, properly sitting down, with family and friends, phones put away, and using those little windows to slow down and catch up.

It’s easy to get sucked into meals on the run (and there are times that these are necessary), but wherever possible we’re championing sit-down meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner, or in-between’s, and the easiest way to encourage participation in this ritual, we’ve found, is making the table someplace you really, really want to be.

Yes, the setting is key, and it’s the sort of thing that’s kind of gotten lost, becoming the thing of memories, but we’re here to tell you that setting the table for any occasion – from simple, shared meals to sangria sundowners or a big, weekend brunch – doesn’t have to be hard. We got you covered with our handy guide to setting the scene for all sorts of wonderful spreads.

Bare brunch

There’s something here for everybody. Invite your friends over for a self-serve meal, with chic stoneware stacked high, and every brunch essential served on alabaster stoneware and linen to match.

Lunch alfresco

A wildly appealing table for us always includes pared-back furniture and is set in the the midst of verdant greens. We add to this bare-bones landscape by piling the tabletop high with details: hand-thrown plates and bowls with fluid rims, matte ceramic accents, pale green flint glass, foraged blooms all for a fresh meal with those we love.

Sangria sundowner

A waning summer calls for paring back to welcome a new season, and so we brought this spirit of renewal to our homes as well. Serve bottomless decanters of sangria, matched with glazed stoneware, nectarines, and a generous helping of slate and marble for a sangria sundowner you won’t forget.

Dinner is served (and it’s gorgeous)

Come the evening, wind down over warm and gently-gleaming brass as well as ceramic plates that are layered on top of chic jute and little pops of graphic detail. A failsafe tablescape that’ll take you from an easy lunch with family, to a more indulgent setup when entertaining with simple additions like weighty soy wax candles, translucent carafes carrying fresh blooms and gleaming brass bowls that work overtime as receptacles for fragrant mogra blossoms.

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