From beach havens and secret countryside haunts to city apartments that transport you somewhere else entirely, At Home With journeys to the homes of some of the most inspiring minds in fashion, art, and design. These films offer a glimpse into spaces that are both thoughtful and best embody the Nicobar way of living.

For our second episode, we journeyed to Chennai to the apartment of legendary French embroiderer, Jean-Francois Lesage. Situated in the very heart of that city’s plushest neighbourhoods, Lesage’s abode is far from showy, and is instead a document of a storied history. We found a home full of stories, travels, memories, and odd little things that might sit in Tamil Nadu, but would be equally apropos in any other part of the world. A spitting reflection of his gregarious and eccentric personality, his home is charming, warm, and an act of imagination that takes you on a tour of a life lived well between Paris and Madras.


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