We spent the better half of a summer day at Sleepy Owl’s outpost in Shahpur Jat sipping on their cold brew as we gathered all possible pointers to creating the perfect cold brew coffee martini. Arman Sood, one-third of Sleepy Owl’s founding team and (self-proclaimed) in-house bartender, whipped up a deliciously dark drink that’s the perfect balance between bitter and sweet. We’re championing cold brew not only for its perfect contrast to this silly heat, but because it lends itself beautifully to cocktails we love.

You will need:

Sleepy Owl Cold Brew Coffee
Simple syrup
Coffee beans
Martini glasses
Lots of ice

Start with freezing the martini glass so it’s perfectly frosted. Add 45 ml of Sleepy Owl Cold Brew into a shaker, fuel it with 45 ml of your favourite vodka, and finish it off with 15 ml of simple syrup. Chuck a handful of ice into the cocktail shaker, and shake well. Pour the mix into glasses fresh out of the freezer and garnish with coffee beans. Sip at leisure.

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