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The second season of our ‘Aparna Chandra for Nicobar’ line is here. The collection name—Sitth—translates to ‘clear and bright’ in Hindi, and is a capsule bathed in ivory. We’ve toyed with embroidery, experimented with sequins, but the star of the collection, without a doubt, is the fabric. In this two-part series on the ‘Fabrics of Sitth’, we’re shining a light on the very canvas of our creation, a work of art in itself.

What’s so special about chanderi?
Chanderi is produced by weaving silk into the traditional cotton yarn. The fabric we used for Sitth is 60 gram fine chanderi, which is prepared with 70% cotton and 30% silk. We’re big fans of its sheen and sheerness, so it’s no surprise that we’ve worked with this fabric collection after collection. “I love its fall and the way it drapes. It is subtle, and yet very structured,” the collection’s designer, Aparna Chandra, said.

Where does Nicobar’s chanderi come from?
It travels all the way from Benaras to our garden studio in Delhi, which is where each piece of the collection is painstakingly made and embellished.

How has chanderi been used in Sitth?
Chanderi is very Indian in its appeal, but for Sitth we’ve played with plenty of ‘western’ silhouettes. You’ll find slips and overlays, dresses and jackets—all kitted out in this silken fabric. You’ll also notice little pops of embroidery and also the lace which adds a feminine accent to these dreamy, voluminous silhouettes.

When, and equally important, where are you likely to wear it?
It’s a fabric that is most at home at a summer soirée, and we can see this line at all sorts of beautiful, beachside weddings. But Aparna says, “whenever and wherever you feel like it.”

How do you care for the fabric?
Chanderi is special—it’s meant for special occasions and needs special care to keep it lustrous. In order to protect its innate gloss, it’s advisable to dry clean the fabric and not expose it to direct sunlight while drying.

If you’d like to learn more about linen, head here.

Writer: Sushant Kumar
Photographer: Manoj Rawat
Stylist: Prerna Narang
Hair/Makeup: Nitin Sankla/Bishu Sinha
Models: Tenzin and Imran

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