This winter we’re delving deep into our favourite styling tip: layering! It confuses some people (what to wear over what?), so this right here is a handy guide to making your wardrobe go twice as far. We get asked about layering a lot, so we thought we’d address the most common questions we get asked (feel free to email us more!).

What can I wear to a winter wedding in the sun?

Indian weddings tend to go heavy on surface embellishment and bright hues. To stand out in a sea of colour, try a neutral base palette like all-black or white. Focus on silhouettes and fabrics that layer seamlessly like a kurta with an interesting silhouette layered with a diaphanous overlay / vest in chanderi.

I work in a gorgeous office, but it’s really cold! How can I be chic and warm this winter?

We know one gorgeous workspace that gets uncomfortably cold indoors during winter (ours!), but we’ve been using this hack to keep us warm: multiple layers in the same colour that add warmth without the bulk. Try layering full sleeves under an overlay that’s reversible (it’s the easiest way to introduce colour into a tone-on-tone ‘fit) and flared pants (that will allow you to sneak in your warmest leggings underneath, again minus the bulk).

I’m going on a holiday that takes me from the seaside to the city, with temperatures all over the place but I want to keep my bag light! How can I make a beachy wardrobe work for me even in cooler, city climes?

Packing for a vacation that’s all over the place weather-wise means you have to rely on pieces that work well as separates, but also when paired with each other. Think two dresses that both look great worn on their own, but turn into a third look altogether when layered one over the other. Similarly, a kurta without sleeves that can go under a shirt with sleeves… Pack two pairs of shoes (always), kicks for when you’re in the city, and sandals for when you’re on sandy terrain.

I love denim, but I want to bust out of my jeans-rut. How can i make my favourite fabric work for more diverse situations?

While we love our skinny jeans, an easy alternative to break out of a rut is to dive headfirst into the world of flared pants (ours in denim). Pair with a kurta (also in denim) instead of a top and you’ve got yourself an Indianised version of a Canadian tux.

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