A new season at Nicobar promises a fresh start to everything…right from gleaming pops of brass for everyday meals, and iridescent bits lining your bar, through to a deep palette of nature-hued fabrics that oscillate between occasion and every day with ease.

Aditti in Zahira Sari and Large Hoop Earrings

A year-end meander through Sri Lanka’s Negombo left us with longstanding Buddhist influences that we translated in our design, colour and form here at Nicobar. A deep madder red borrowed from Buddhist robes is decked out in festive foil blooms in styles that feature ties and can be styled to sit boxy or cinched in depending on your mood. A congruous extension–madder gives way this season to a brilliant ochre, cutting the richness with a soothing hue that has been made brighter by zari embroidery picked out in simple motifs. Saris and dupattas this season help marry tradition with the easy, modern aesthetic that has come to be a part of our design diction. You’ll find wide stripes in buttery chanderi interspersed with swathes of charcoal, that while excellent when paired together, are designed to fit in seamlessly with everything from us that you might already own. Throw on a windowpane check dupatta over one of our pristine white kurtas, or just tuck a sari underneath a floral Nico dress…there’s plenty of room for personal style to shine through. Sunshine hues this season will also sit in line with the Madras check we brought back straight through to the pops of berry we saw at the beginning of the season…there’s something here for everyone!

Aditti in Strappy Kurta in red
Aditti in Zahira Sari in red


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