On Sudhana: Layered Labradorite Necklace

They come in all shapes and colours and promise miracles big and small, but which stone is the one that’s meant just for you? Or which is perfect for the person you’re gifting it to? We have a recommendation: consider the core of who you are.

The Seeker
You want to swim in the higher realms of consciousness, and look for life’s larger purpose. Great news; there’s a stone that will help you do just that. Labradorite (first mined in the Labrador region of Canada, from where it derives its name) is renowned for its healing properties and is linked with the third chakra. Its energetic qualities are meant to help you spark a connection with your inner spirit, and find your space in the universe even while your head’s in the clouds.

The Doer
You bring your a-game to every task, and want nothing to stop you from achieving what you want. You need something that’s constantly got your backa stone like Serpentine, once used by healers as an antidote for snake bites. The stone, it is said, creates a protective shield around you and guards you from the worst bits in the big bad world. Wear it with the belief that it will help you feel safe, happy and channel your full potential.

Cardamom Serpentine Bracelet

The Thinker
Clear thinking is your biggest strength, but with stress and anxiety there’s plenty that comes in the way of this clarity. And we all know how frustrating that can be. A stone you can count on to help you with this is Amazonite, meant to mimic the calming energies of the Amazon River. Call on its soothing vibes when you have emotions that are hard to let go of, cultural expectations you want to kick to the kerb, or just to release any limiting beliefs that stop you from being the truest version of you.

The Nurturer
The moon is your muse, and you embrace your feminine energy in all aspects of life. A stone that will help take your relationship with lady Luna a step ahead is Moonstone, which unleashes your inner goddess and guides you towards stability and harmony… truly magic. Moonstone has long been associated with fertility and sensuality owing to its relationship with the moon, and is meant also to be beneficial in balancing hormones, a handy tool for women to draw on during puberty and menopause.

Cowri Rainbow Moonstone Bracelet

The Lover
You are deep in love, with the world, with someone special, or maybe you’re looking for love? Trust Garnet to amp up your powers of attraction. Garnet derives its name from the Latin word ‘granatum’, which means pomegranate, and refers to the stone’s lush red colour that resembles the seeds of the fruit. That’s not all: Garnet is linked with the heart chakra and even holds the power to improve the blood circulation in your body. This is one stone that will love you back.

Writer: Sushant Kumar
Photos: Manoj Rawat
Stylist: Nicobar Photo Team
Model: Sudhana Sankar

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