There’s only one way to enjoy the rain; outdoors, in the thick of nature. Any other way and the soul laments, because really, if you’re not stepping out, you’re depriving yourself of some serious cleansing.

While us city folk often avoid the outdoors (maddening crowds, pitiful air quality, and traffic that never stops rolling) we know that when it rains there are more merits to going out than staying in (yes, really!).

The outdoors are all yours (because everyone else is staying in)
Make your way to a park, garden, or historic monument, because every place that’s usually milling with people will be utterly empty.

Negative ions are all the positivity you need
If you’re cooped up indoors, you don’t get to reap the benefits of negative ions. The minuteness of these molecules belie the power packed into them; rich in oxygen, they’re abundant where there’s a generous dose of water and nature, and when it rains they rid the air of your everyday nasties. Breathe deep!

Everything is prettier (and rainbows!)
Nature really comes alive, rich with every shade of green and little critters that you wouldn’t spot otherwise. Plus, there’s the upside of chancing upon a rainbow (and we know how precious those are). Finally, you get to really soak up Mama Earth’s fragrance: petrichor.

You get to dress up for a rare occasion
Seeing that you don’t step out in the rain very often, grab this opportunity to pair your favourite wellies with a perfectly coordinated outfit, a sturdy backpack, and your water-resistant GoPro. When the Earth’s being so generous with her bounty, it’s only fair that you make it special too.

Round off your day with a warm bath and a steaming cup of your favourite beverage when you get back home.

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