There’s a hero in every closet. Not a cape, but the simple organic cotton t-shirt. Your wardrobe might be stacked high with cool trousers and jackets, the perfect jeans and all-season shirts, but this essential basic (which is anything but basic) is actually the building block of your wardrobe repertoire.


This transitional piece can be an everyday staple or add a little flourish to formal attire. Think linen trousers and a t-shirt for the beach or a deep-coloured tee layered under a formal shirt with a pop-top button. Of course, the versatility of a t-shirt lies in its simplicity. There are no zips or buttons to fuss over. It is throw-on-and-go, which is exactly how we like to go.

A first for us, we’ve supplemented our menswear collection with a spectrum of t-shirts, each embellished with a star on its sleeve and made from the softest organic cotton that’s easy on your skin, and easier still on Mama Earth. While most of India’s cotton is traded to China, we’re working with local mills that have collaborated with the NGO Chetna Organic, who in turn champion organic farming and are dedicated to helping small scale cotton farmers. Water-based pigments are used to dye our t-shirts (in seven colours) sidestepping nasty chemicals or heavy metals that are often involved in the process.

Plus, these might sit in our menswear line, but let’s be honest, they’re for anybody. Correction, they’re for everybody. Particularly with the knowledge that every time you pick one of these organic cotton essentials you buy into a super-sustainable ethos that respects the farmer and the planet.

We told you, anything but basic.

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