Things we love: cocktails, vases of foraged blooms, and nods to sustainable consumption. Things we love even more: when they all come together.

Imagine Saturday G&T’s in seaglass-tint tumblers, tangy Amaretto sours in clear highballs, or a bunch of camellias nestled in a wide-bottomed decanter that you’ve been repurposing all summer as a vase. We’ve got barware, but hey, guess what, you can use it any way you like, and it’s all 100% recycled glass.

What is recycled glass?

It’s recyclable without a maximum threshold, which means we’ve given life to our range from existing glass products that’ve been crushed, melted, and moulded, and which also means we can continue to repurpose our dead stock for barware that feels fresh season after season, but doesn’t involve any wastage or new material. We think that’s pretty great.

Choose from…

Our decanters, vases, glasses, jugs, canapé serving dishes (all in recycled glass) come in all shapes, from narrow-mouthed and wide-bottomed, cylindrical with a sizeable height, through to thick-stemmed and weighty, and are meant for wine, flowers, refreshing punches, or nibbles even.  This line ensures gleaming recycled glass that’ll last you years and enables us all to be conscientious about our consumption patterns that often veer toward wasteful and impractical.

We keep a bunch of this über-functional glassware on deck always because look how great they look piled together as an unconventional centrepiece on any tabletop. Write to us with ways you’re styling your recycled glass, and if there’s something we love, we’ll shoot the tip for one of our many visual dispatches. Happy styling!

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