A good, smooth honey is the key player in this simple summer salad Gary whipped up for us in a matter of seconds. Play with the vegetables you have at home and in-season, top with the crunch of nuts, and seal the deal with your favourite herbs.

To serve, Gary used some of his favourite crockery from our new Indian Ocean collection that we crafted in collaboration with him and his wife Mandy (launching January 26).

You will need
For the salad
1 cucumber
1 tomato
1 avocado
A handful of whole pistachios

For the dressing
A touch of lemon juice
A little bit of honey
A pinch of salt and pepper
A generous drizzle of olive oil

Cut the veggies in irregular sizes or chunks.
Top with pistachios and basil.
Mix all the dressing ingredients together in a bowl and drizzle generously on the salad,
Serve at room temperature or cold, your choice.

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