Acing a coastal preparation in your kitchen is no mean feet, but this recipe is so simple that you can win those bragging rights at ease. After all, our friends at NicoCaara are great hosts and they’re kind enough to help us be one. Here’s how you do it.

You will need
1 tablespoon coconut oil
1 teaspoon mustard seed
5 curry leaves
½ teaspoon turmeric
1 tablespoon store bought yellow curry paste
4 tablespoon coconut milk
6 coastal jumbo prawns
2 tablespoon seafood stock
A pinch of salt
A pinch of black pepper

For tempered rice
½ cup brown rice
2 cups vegetable stock
2 curry leaves
1 teaspoon mustard seeds
1 dried red chilli
2 teaspoon coconut oil

Add coconut oil in a pan, followed by mustard and curry leaves, and temper it.
Saute garlic, and then add turmeric powder and yellow curry paste. Cook the masalas well.
Devein the prawns but keep the tails intact. Marinate the prawns with salt and pepper, and grill them in the oven at 180 for two minutes.
Add vegetable stock and let it boil, and then add coconut milk.

Tempered brown rice
Soak the rice for two hours.
Heat coconut oil in a pan, and then add the mustard seeds, curry leaves, red chili and stir.
Add soaked rice and stir for few minutes.
Add vegetable stock to the rice, cover with a lid, and leave it on simmer.
Cook for 10 minutes until the stock is completely absorbed.
Serve with Malay curry.

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