Postcard from Madagascar

Himali Singh Soin’s travels span spaces from Shoreditch to the South Pole. We’d love to share this writer, artist, curator and traveler’s recommendations for all of them, but for now, we’ve chosen something somewhere vaguely (very vaguely) in the middle: Madagascar. 

  • Climb the Tsingy, a world heritage site that resembles our imagination of some planet where meteorites have fallen. 
  • Visit the Avenue de Baobab at sunrise, those upside down trees that remind you of Asterix territory. 
  • Go to the night safari to see the silky sifaka lemurs stuck to each other: they’re monogamous. 
  • Eat Zebu Steak, and drink the rum/ginger/oranges special.
  • Find the popular paper and metal recycling shops and pick up the quirky hats and bow ties and bicycles they’ve made out of god-knows-what.

We’re already booking our flights, but what do you pack for Madagascar? When you’re exploring a little bit of the great unknown, it’s good to always be prepared. Himali made us a list that covers items you might not have thought were essentials: what you need, and what you didn’t know you needed.

  1. A swim suit and sweater (the weather is its own whim)
  2. Tweezers, for the odd thorn
  3. A piece of rope (just in case)
  4. A water bottle
  5. No sunscreen, just vitamin-e oil to take care of sun-soaked skin
  6. A swiss-army knife
  7. Sunglasses
  8. A vest
  9. A scarf
  10. Granola 
  11. A case for coins 
  12. Binoculars
  13. Nikon fm2
  14. A dress
  15. Slip on sneakers for when you’re done with the boots.

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